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GR Building & Construction Limited

As India emerges as the fastest growing major economy of the world, the need for quality infrastructure has never been greater. At G R Infraprojects, we see a larger role for ourselves in the growing infra space. And for us, roadmaking is more than just brick-and-mortar construction. It is an intricate blend of artistic excellence and engineering techniques, which complement each other seamlessly.

For more than two decades, we have been applying our imagination and expertise in executing road EPC projects. These projects comprise construction and development of state and national highways, bridges, culverts, flyovers, airport runways and rail over bridges. We look at our projects as national assets that must provide the highest quality, convenience and safety standards to commuters in line with global benchmarks.

We think through a project from its conceptualisation to completion, considering multiple challenges along the way. Not just that, we use best-in-class technologies at each stage of the process to reduce environmental impact and to achieve an advanced level of quality and safety standards. The result is enduring engineering marvels that have withstood natural calamities and other adversities. Over the years, we have created a foundation on which new ideas can thrive. We are strengthening our powers of innovation and execution; and creating the right conditions for crafting infrastructure solutions that meet the needs of the future. Our fine art of roadmaking connects geographies and brings hope and opportunities to millions.

We have EPC experience across state and national highways, bridges, culverts, flyovers, airport runways and rail over bridges. We recently forayed into projects related to laying of optical fibre cables and railways.

• The nature of such road infrastructure projects include various works, such as construction, widening, strengthening, improvement, lane-related construction, maintenance, as well as development activities.

• Development of roads and highways under annuity, toll and hybrid annuity mode

• We have three operational BOT road projects, of which two are on an annuity basis and one is toll based. We have commenced revenue generation from each of these projects. Also, these projects are owned by our subsidiaries, which were set up as special purpose vehicles.

Our in-house integration includes bituminous emulsion manufacturing plants, a metal crash barrier fabrication and galvanisation unit, a thermoplastic road-marking paint and road signage manufacturing unit.